Just saying. The soccer champ proves she's got a few more skills up her sleeve than game-day hat tricks

By By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: September 21, 2016

By now you know that we're pretty obsessed with female athletes-I mean, just look at these women showing off their amazing fitness skills. And Christen Press is just one of our favorite young Olympians, who's just as witty as she is talented.

We first got to know the World Cup champion and forward for the U.S. Women's National Team when she sat in for our speed round, where we got to pick her brain on everything from pre-game rituals to what it's really like to be around so many women all day, every day.

Then we put her through the real ringer: a Fitness IQ test. Naturally she killed it, although it's pretty hilarious to see her stumped when faced with the ultimate quandary over which breakfast meat is worse: bacon or sausage. (Spoiler alert: The answer is sausage.)

So what else was left other than to throw various kinds of sports balls at her to see if she could play with or juggle them? The end result (watch it above!) proves that Press is nothing short of uber talented-not only can she juggle a tennis ball with her feet like it's nothing, but she can actually juggle (you know, with her hands) three baseballs too.

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