She'll make you feel freaking proud of your body—and in awe of hers

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: September 21, 2016

If you haven't gotten to know record-breaking Olympic hammer thrower Amanda Bingson, it's about time you did. For starters, you need to see what she looks like in action. (Has there ever been a better living definition of the word "powerhouse?") Next, get intimate with her behind-the-scenes at her naked covershoot with ESPN The Magazine's 2015 Body Issue. And last but certainly not least, listen above to the inspiring reason she loves her badass body.

The Rio hopeful and "Team Budweiser" athlete dished to us about which muscles bear the brunt of the work in hammer throwing (hint: it's not your arms!), how she got started with the sport (and the fact that she hated it at first), and why she doesn't sweat throwing in front of big crowds. She made the USA Olympic team just in time to go to the 2012 London Olympics, where she finished 13th in the qualifying round. Now, after setting an American record of 75.73 meters (almost 250 feet!) and winning a national title in 2013, she's gunning for Rio. (Keep up with her and these other need-to-follow Rio hopefuls on Instagram.) First, she has to qualify for the team at this year's Olympic trials-she's up to throw on Wednesday, July 6. Our prediction? She's going to crush it, just like she crushed the answer to our question: why do you love your shape?

ICYMI, we're all about the body love; that's why we launched the #LoveMyShape campaign. We've been asking inspiring women-superstar trainers, paralympians, proud moms, and more-what they love most about their bodies. We couldn't be more on-board with Bingson's answer: "I love my everything."



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