She's beautiful, fit, and always ready to put on a bikini. When we caught up with Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge at the Victoria's Secret Live! 2013 show in New York City, we just had to ask her to dish a few diet, beauty, and fitness secrets. See what she has to say about her favorite go-to food and, yes, even the type of exercise she just hates to do! Then check out the video below with PopSugar Fitness for her best advice on staying in bikini-ready shape.

SHAPE: Did you ever have an awkward phase in your teenage years?

Lily Aldridge (LA): Of course. Everyone when you're younger goes through awkward phases and awkward hair cuts. But as you grow up, you realize how special the unique things about yourself are, things that might have made you feel insecure when you were younger, you realize how beautiful they are, which I think is so important for young people-or people of any age-to know.

SHAPE: Which foods are always in your fridge?

LA: I love avocado. It's my favorite snack. I eat it with rice cakes, plain, or make guacamole. It's so healthy for you and so satisfying.

SHAPE: What do you do right before you leave the house?

LA: Fix my hair and check if there's nothing in my teeth. No spinach.

SHAPE: What are your favorite and least favorite workouts?

LA: I love Ballet Beautiful. Mary Helen Bowers is my trainer. It's changed my body in a beautiful way. But I hate running. I can't get in that zone that people that people talk about. I don't get it. I'm like, "You're lying."

SHAPE: What is your favorite thing about being an Angel?

LA: The camaraderie with the other girls. This bond and friendship we've created is priceless. Also the fans. The girls that look up to us, I take that very seriously.

SHAPE: I'm looking at your beautiful skin. What is the most important thing you do to keep it so clear and radiant?

LA: I am a big fan of oils. Rose Marie Swift has a great organic oil that you sleep in. You wake up and your pores are tighter and your skin is supple. I put it on every night.