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This Week's Inspiration: Wozniacki US Open Triumph and Other Top Motivators

Caroline Wozniacki's US Open Triumph

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Caroline Wozniacki's 6-3, 6-4 win over Maria Sharapova in the U.S. Open Tennis Championships on Sunday—her first-ever win against Sharapova. We love that last year's "runner up" got to shine this year.

Nearly Every Mile of the Vuelta a Espana Bike Race

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This 3-week pro bike race runs through Sept 19—and through plenty of seriously tough terrain in Spain. The legs, the passion, the competition—it's all great, but we especially love the grueling 2,083.2-mile bike race for making our 20-miler seem easy.

Best Street Food Ever: Beets at Our Farmer's Market

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These beets made us wonder why we'd eat anything else. Perfect for savoring in this roasted beet, fennel, and arugula salad. At your market, pick up some other veggies: A new study found that eating a diversity of veggies lowers your risk of lung cancer—the number-one cancer killer of women.

News that Fitness Walking Makes you Smarter

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People who walked even 40 minutes a day saw improvements in brain connectivity—which helps it function better with aging—in a study from Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. That's one more reason we really will park farther away from the store every time—not just when it's not raining. Or, we'll step it up and lose weight with fitness walking.

Under Armour's New "I Will" Campaign

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Yeah, it's an ad, but it gets our inspiration on. Hard to say what's better—Lindsey Vonn's squat jump onto a bench&mash;with a barbell on her back—or her dare-you-to-join-me "I will" at the end. Watch and decide for yourself.

The New Study That Finds Stretching Makes You Stronger

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Newbies who added stretching to a strength training program had greater strength gains after eight weeks than people who did strength training alone, according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. This stretching routine is great for everyone, especially after a day at your desk.

Guys Agree Curvy Women Are Hot!

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Many guys around the world told this week that curvy women rock (even though we knew that already). See who thinks the Oprah body type is hot—and who wishes plastic surgery would go away.

Proof That Crossing First Isn't Always Best

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Whether you're racing Ironman Wisconsin this weekend, your local 5K, or power walking down to the mailbox, The Chair article by Roy Wallack will remind you that the journey is far more fun than crossing the finish line first. Works for us every time we read it.

Cheeky Cycling: Betsey Johnson's Fashion Show Invite

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Cycling meets high fashion with Betsey Johnson's spirited "New York City Bike Map" invite that sets out new rules of the road – including that other cyclists "should yield to Betsey babes in pink." More proof that cycling really is the coolest way to get around. Here are 14 reasons why biking is seriously badass.

Going Vegan Made Easy

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This week's debut of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program makes not eating animal products of any kind seem delicious. In fact, it makes a vegan diet meal far more appealing than what we were thinking of having for dinner before we checked out this plan—and its iPhone app.


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