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This Week's SHAPE Up: The 17-Day Diet Plan Craze and More Hot Stories

Complied on Friday, April 8th

We dug deep to find out if the 17-Day Diet plan really works, as well as discover the top new eco-friendly products, the 30 best gym bags for spring, the truth about food addiction and more hot stories this week.

1. New Diet Plan: The 17-Day Diet

Can you lose significant weight on the 17-Day Diet plan or is it just another weight loss gimmick?

2. Celebrity Weight Loss: Did These Stars Get Too Thin?

Check out the most controversial celebrity slim-downs.

3. 30 Cute Gym Bags with Style

Hit the gym in style with these fashionable and functional bags.

4. Do You Have an Addiction to Food? 5 Food Addiction Symptoms

If you think you might be addicted to food, learn the signs and symptoms of food addiction here.

5. 19 Eco-Friendly Product that are Good for the Earth (and Your Life!)

19 ways to save the world without even trying!

More hot stories this week:

Movie Theaters Exempt From New Calorie-Coutning Rules

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New Planet Beer: Finally, a Low-Calorie, Gluten-Free Beer

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Running Gear for Spring Showers

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Tina Fey Pregnant with Second Child


Fitness Myths That Make You Fat

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