Complied on Friday, June 24th

It's been a big week here at SHAPE magazine. Our July issue hit newsstands with svelte starlet Audrina Partridge on the cover. Having lived most of her adult life on television, for all the world to see, she is always bikini-ready. Patridge shared her four go-to, do-anywhere moves that keep her tummy tight and toned.

Patridge is not the only reality star dishing this week. American Idol alum Jordin Sparks stopped by the SHAPE offices this week, and she shared everything. From what she eats everyday to the songs on her workout playlist right now, Sparks dishes on how she lost over 30 pounds.

It's not just the celebs that are showing off their weight-loss success stories. Fourty two SHAPE readers share their before and after photos and reveal their number one, real-world weight-loss tip. Whether you hope to become a weight-loss success story of your own or just want to maintain healthy eating habits check out our 100-calorie slideshow. We show you exactly what 100 calories of your favorite foods from fruits and veggies to wine and Twix look like. Plus, check out 10 of the most ooey, gooey peanut butter creations that are sure to satisfy your cravings without breaking the calorie bank.

When you live by the beach-and in front of the camera-it's always bikini season. So how does reality star Audrina Patridge stay two-piece-ready all year long? She uses this quick, do-anywhere plan created by her trainer, Jarett DelBene, who also helps fellow Hills alum Lauren Conrad stay in shape.

Jordin Sparks stopped by the SHAPE offices to show off her more than 30 pounds slimmer body. See amazing photos of her transformation from American Idol to today. Find out how she lost the weight, what motivates her, the playlist she works out to, what she eats everyday and more!

See incredible before-and-after weight-loss photos from real SHAPE readers. These women are amazing, losing anywhere from 40 to 190 pounds! Plus find out what tips and tricks worked for them.

What does 100 calories of bread look like next to 100 calories of broccoli? We show you what 100 calories of everything from wine to cereal to avocado to chocolate chips looks like-for real. No baseball or deck of cards needed.

Satisfy that peanut butter craving with these healthy and unexpected peanut butter recipes. Pumpkin peanut butter French toast, how did we ever live without you? Yum!

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