This Week's SHAPE Up: Behind the Scenes with Sophia Bush, Emma Stone, and Rosario Dawson

Complied on Friday, July 29th

If you had asked Sophia Bush one year ago today if she thought she'd ever run a marathon, she'd probably tell you no. "I've had asthma all my life," she says. "When I first started training for this, I hadn't run a mile since junior high." But this weekend the One Tree Hill star is running the San Francisco Marathon. Get the tips that took her from asthmatic non-runner to marathon-racer. Then check out our celeb photo gallery of Emma Stone. We've got adorable pics from her jeans and t-shirt days on the small screen and tons of glamorous red carpets galore. Take a sneak peak at our August cover shoot with Rosario Dawson. She gets candid about people's reactions to her undernourished figure in Rent and Hollywood's skewed perception of beauty.

We throw chia seeds in our oatmeal every morning but have been searching for new ways to incorporate the superfood into our diet. We're pumped to try out these 10 new chia seed recipes. Give them a try and pump up the nutritional value of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! This week Diet Dr. Mike Roussell takes a look at the most common weight loss traps women fall for-us included and shares his tips for avoiding them. Read on and eat up!

One Tree Hill Star Sophia Bush's Top 5 Tips on Running a Marathon

We get personal with Rosario Dawson. She share's the lessons that keep her happy and healthy, her workout playlist, go-to beauty products, favorite dress of all time and the charities she's passionate about.

Celeb Photos: Emma Stone's Style Transformations

From The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody to her latest film Crazy, Stupid, Love the adorable Emma Stone has truly evolved. See her style transformation from cutsie teen to stylish star in our celeb photo gallery.

Behind the Scenes at the Rosario Dawson Cover Shoot

Get a sneak peak at our August cover shoot with Rosario Dawson. She gets candid about being underweight for her role in Rent and Hollywood's skewed perception of beauty.

The Most Common Weight Loss Traps for Women

Diet Dr. Mike Roussell reveals the biggest weight loss traps most women fall into and how to avoid them.

Quick and Easy Chia See Recipes

10 ways to put this protein-packed, nutritional powerhouse to work in your daily diet.

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