This Week's SHAPE Up: Celebrities Caught Without Makeup and More Hot Stories

Complied on Friday, June 10th

We caught some of our favorite celebs without makeup and boy do they look good-for the most part. See who looks just as good fresh-faced as they do dolled up and who just doesn't! Then get ready to put on your bikini with confidence. We've got yoga poses that actually increase metabolism, top ways to torch calories outside, a muscle sculpting, flab-blasting workout from The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper, and 34 ways to burn calories in the pool-without swimming a single lap. Sounds like a recipe for well-toned fun in the sun to us!

Celebs Without Makeup

OK, we all love an unflattering celebrity photo every now and again but we were astounded by how gorgeous some of these celebs look sans makeup. Of course there were a few that didn't look too good-Sorry, Natalie Portman!

Yoga Poses That Boost Metabolism

Yoga is great for increasing strength, flexibility and, of course, relaxation but it can also help you torch mega-calories. Try these 10 poses that give your metabolism a boost.

Which Workout Burns More Calories?

Want to know how many calories you burn during your favorite outdoor activities? We found out which are the best calorie torchers from soccer to surfing to washing the car. The results may surprise you!

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Workouts

Get down to business with Bob Harper's total-body routines, which will sculpt muscle, fry flab, and help minimize any bikini angst. Stick with this plan and you'll be set for sweet summertime success.

Burn Calories in the Pool-Without Swimming a Single Lap

Scorching sun keeping you from your usual workout routine? You can burn serious calories and tone muscles while staying cool in the pool-even if you're not a strong swimmer. Give these 34 lap-free moves a try this weekend.

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