This Week's SHAPE Up: Celebrity Transformations for a Movie Role and More Hot Stories

Complied on Friday, August 19th

As if we don't already look up to the amazing bodies of celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively and Halle Berry for fitness inspiration they went and got even more fit for movie roles. And while they may be blessed with good genetics these buff ladies work hard to get in top shape for these films. We found out just what they did to buff up and slim down for everything from Transformer: Dark of the Moon and Iron Man 2 to Terminator 2!

While we are inspired by these ladies, we don't have to work quite that hard to be in quite that good shape. That's why we love these 29 easy-to-do moves to stay fit on the beach. All you need is a towel & a beach ball-and sometimes nothing! But definitely no celebrity trainers necessary. Combine these moves with a little healthy eating and we'll be ready for our close up too! Read on to find out what to order when eating Italian, unexpected sodium-shockers to avoid, and awesome chilled summer soup recipes to keep you slim.

The Best Body Transformations for a Movie Role

Steal diet and workout secrets from celebs who got in amazing shape for butt-kicking roles.

Eating Out? 11 Guilt-Free Italian Menu Items

Ever feel like going for Italian food inevitably means indulging in something you'll regret later? When you eat out as much as we do, you discover the lighter side of every country's menu-and that includes Italian cooking.

Surprising High-Sodium Foods

You know to skip the canned soup and say no to soy sauce but high-sodium foods are harder to avoid than you think! We reveal 12 salt-shockers you may be eating.

29 Ways to Tone Up at the Beach

29 toning moves that use nothing but your beach towel, beach ball, and a little pinch of I-don't-care-what-other-people-think (unless you have a private beach).

20 Chilled Summer Soups for Staying Slim

Even though the temps are still high you don't have to give up diet-friendly soups. These quick and easy recipes make the perfect refreshing, low-calorie meal!

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