This Week's SHAPE Up: Get Fit Like Mila Kunis and Rosario Dawson and More Hot Stories

Complied on Friday, July 21st

There are some pretty steamy scenes between Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits. How'd she get ready for the scantily clad role? She worked with celeb trainer Brian Abercrombie to get in top shape. He shared the routine she's been doing for the last year with SHAPE. Read on to get the routine and find out what she ate to get ready for the role. Another slender celebrity we chatted with this week is August cover model Rosario Dawson. After a whirlwind promoting Zookeeper at the Cannes Film Festival she opened up to us and wow, were we impressed. Find out how the Rent actress stays so fit, the charities she's involved in and the one food she just can't live without.

If you're not totally inspired by Mila and Rosario check out our gallery of the best abs in Hollywood. The women inspire us and the men, well they're just fun to look at. This week we had the chance to workout with the trainer behind Cameron Diaz, the woman responsible for the hot bodies of the Pussycat Dolls and Audrina Patridge's personal trainer. They taught us the best tush and thigh toners and wow, they kicked our butts-which looks all the better for it. Plus, celeb trainer David Kirsch set us straight on 7 common diet myths that prevent most people from reaching their weight loss goals. All that and more here:

How Mila Kunis Got Fit For Friends with Benefits

Stick to this routine from Mila Kunis' trainer for a body as hot as hers is in Friends with Benefits. Now to find a Justin Timberlake look-a-like….

Rosario Dawson Exclusive Interview: Fit and Famous with SHAPE Magazine

Rosario share's the lessons that keep her happy and healthy, her workout playlist, go-to beauty products, favorite dress of all time and the charities she's passionate about.

Celebrity Pics: The Best Abs in Hollywood

Who doesn't love flat abs? From slim starlets to washboards and six-packs, we found the hottest abs in Hollywood. Spoiler alert: David Beckham and Mario Lopez made the cut!

3 Butt and Thigh Moves Celebrity Trainers Swear By

We learned these moves from the man behind Cameron Diaz, Audrina Patridge and the woman behind the Pussycat Dolls. If they swear by these moves we're adding them to our routine-and you should too!

Celeb Trainer David Kirsch Debunks 7 Common Diet Mistakes

What's holding you back from your weight loss goals? Could be misconceptions you hold about dieting. The man behind Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler and more debunks the myths that are probably keeping you from weight-loss success.

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