Complied on Friday, July 8th

Confession: We've already bought our tickets for opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 but it's not just the movie we've come to love. It's been great watching the actors grow along with their Harry Potter character counterparts. None of the young actors have blossomed more than the lovely Emma Watson. How does the British actress stay in such great shape? We found out-and it's not playing quidditch.

Another fit celeb we've loved for years is Horrible Bosses star Jennifer Aniston. Whether she's at the premier of her newest movie, pressing her hands and feet into cement on Hollywood Boulevard or rocking the Rachel ala 1995 she always looks good. That's why we just couldn't resist getting nosy and finding out her stay-fit secrets-and more! Pippa Middleton, another show-stopper, may have stolen the spotlight at the royal wedding (not that sister Kate didn't look ah-mazing) but it's nothing new for her. From the stands at Wimbledon to London Fashion Week to completing a triathlon, the pretty not-quite-princess tends to steal the show. Check her out in some of her best get-fit moments. Plus, find out how to get show-stopping legs of your own and more hot stories this week.

Sounds like butterbeer and pumpkin pasties don't fit into Emma Watson's healthy diet. Find out how the petite actress stay so slim-when she's not roaming the halls of Hogwarts.

We got nosy with one of our favorite actresses and she didn't even seem to mind! Sure we asked her the health tips she lives by, her favorite snack, and her number one workout but we also got her opinion on Lady Gaga and going grey. She was surprisingly open!

We are in the heart of summer and it is full-fledged short shorts, flirty skirts season. Use these 30 tips to get lean, strong legs faster. We don't have all day-there are pools to lounge by and sundresses to sport.

Think Pippa looked good at the royal wedding? Check out these pics of the stunning Brit at Wimbledon, London Fashion Week and somehow she's still a stunner completing a duathlon!

When you're headed to the beach be sure to toss one of these beers in your cooler, along with plenty of water-we had to say it! Organized from least to most calories (just 55 to 158) there are brews for both the light and dark beer lovers on the list.

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