By Karen Borsari
Updated: November 01, 2017

Complied on Friday, August 12th

Last night host Cat Deeley revealed that this season's So You Think You Can Dance winner is Melanie and we think it was a well deserved win. We sat down with SYTYD judge Mary Murphy to get the inside scoop and yes, she was just as high-energy and hilarious as she seems on the show! We had a nice long chat and after a little pushing got her to reveal who her favorite dancer across all 8 seasons is. She also told us about the one thing SYTYCD cast and crew tease her about in her dressing room, and the style of dance she may perform one day on So You Think You Can Dance (hint: it's not any from of ballroom). Let's just say we'll be tuning in.

Another thing we're checking out this week are celebrity butts. Yup, you heard right. Check out the tightest toned tushies in Hollywood in our celebrity photo gallery. Plus, get the moves that Lady Gaga does with her personal trainer to keep her abs flat and firm. Turn your smartphone into your go-to weight loss tool-it is always with you anyway! We tested out the best new fitness apps and calorie counters to find the most user-friendly and reliable FREE options. And speaking of options, ever feel overwhelmed and unsure as to which nutrition bars are best? We've tested (and tasted) the most popular bars so you know exactly which ones to eat and which are worse (for you) than a Snickers bar.

So You Think You Can Dance Winner Revealed: Get the Inside Scoop With Mary Murphy

In honor of last night's finale and season 8's So You Think You Can Dance winner we sat down with Mary Murphy to find out what goes on behind the scenes at SYTYCD.

Celeb Pics: The Best Butts in Hollywood

We rounded up the celebs we think have the best butts. What do you think? Those are some pretty toned tushies!

5 Exercises to Help You Get Lady Gaga's Killer Abs

Steal the moves that Lady Gaga's trainer Harley Pasternak gives her to keep her abs tight, toned and trim.

The Best Free Apps to Help You Lose Weight

From fitness apps that make pricey personal trainers obsolete (ok, almost) and calorie counters that make staying on track a cinch there's no reason not to give these apps a try-the only thing you have to lose is weight!

The Worst Nutrition Bars for Women and What to Eat Instead

You might think they are healthy but avoid these calorie, sugar, and chemical-laden nutrition bars and reach for these nutritional powerhouses. We make it a no-brainer!

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