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What ET's Samantha Harris Eats (Almost) Every Day

Healthy Snacks

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Snack time is big at Samantha Harris's household…especially with her adorable almost-4-year-old daughter Josselyn around.

"My husband (financial wholesaler Michael Hess) and I try to instill healthy eating habits early," she says. “Snacks usually contain a protein along with the usual snack carbs to keep energy up and stave off late-day meltdowns."

Low-fat cottage cheese with Wheat Thins, carrots and celery with reduced-fat peanut butter or apples, and hard-boiled eggs (whites only) are some of her faves.

Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

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The TV personality is a huge fan of Jay Robb's Vanilla Whey Protein powder.

"I'll toss a scoop on top of Smart Start cereal or just shake it up with some OJ if I'm rushing out the door to an 'ET' shoot," Harris says. "It offers a perfect hit of protein to be sure I have enough energy for my busy days."

Family-Style Chicken Dinners

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Harris likes to mix things up for dinner with family-style chicken dishes, brown rice, edamame (Jossie's fave), and fruit.

Chocolate-Covered Raisins

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The hot host definitely has a sweet tooth.

"I never seem to overly deny myself," Harris says. "My sweet tooth is demanding! Balance is key for me when it comes to eating."

Every night Harris has a heavy handful of dark chocolate-covered raisins, and she also loves frozen yogurt with fruit or carob chip toppings.

Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is Harris's must-have daily snack.

"I love how creamy and protein-rich it is," she says. "Trader Joe's has a few non-fat options in great flavors for my on-the-go lifestyle as a working mom."

She also loves to make parfaits with fruit and a crumbled Nature's Valley granola bar on top.

Her Healthy Living Habits

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How did the hard-working mom of two lose the baby weight so quickly? She kept up her balanced, healthy eating habits throughout her pregnancy and after.

"It helped that I didn't put on a lot of extra weight other than necessary while pregnant," Harris says. "But that was due in large part to luck/genetics coupled with regular doctor-approved workouts and mindful eating."

More on Samantha Harris

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There's no question the stunning star always looks beautiful, both on and off camera. Her fitness advice for new moms? "Get outside, get active with the baby, and use other new moms as motivation!"

Some of her workout secrets come from keeping her body guessing and changing up her workouts throughout the week.

"Yoga one day, treadmill/weight-training boot camp the next, and perhaps a ballet-based cardio class another day," Harris says. "I also love weekend hour-long stroller walks with my hubby and the girls."

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