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What Maria Menounos Eats (Almost) Every Day


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“There are always almonds in my pantry,” says Menounos. At just 163 calories for 23 nuts you get 4g fiber and half your daily dose of vitamin E. Plus, 8 percent of your daily calcium needs.

Hot Water

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The TV host told us, “I drink a lot of hot water.” Menounos had us fooled with her Starbucks cup when she showed up at the SHAPE offices. It was just hot water, not one of the chain's calorie-loaded coffees.

Greek Yogurt

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“There’s always Greek yogurt in my fridge,” says Menounos. With twice as much protein as regular yogurt it's a good choice for a girl-on-the-go like Maria. See which svelte celeb also keeps her refrigerator stocked with Greek Yogurt and the delicious way she serves it up.


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“I eat lots of salad,” says the TV personality. Here is a week’s worth of our favorite salads and dressings to keep avid salad-eaters like Maria Menounos satisfied.

Not Meat

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“I’m an aspiring vegetarian. I try to eat the least amount of meat as I can,” says Menounos who admires her father who eats, "nothing processed [and] very little meat." According to Menounos, "his body is great. Great muscles and great abs."


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“I eat a lot of fruits,” says the slim star. That way she gets a variety of vital vitamins and minerals. Sick of an apple a day? Check out these 4 fun and healthy ways to eat fruit.

French Fries…or Dessert

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“I have some indulgences here and there. Some days are better than others. Last night I had truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and a French toast dessert at Abe and Arthur’s, which was delicious," she admits. "Definitely not feeling as great today—but it was really delicious!”


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