Chante Griffin

Chante Griffin
Title: Writer
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Expertise: Racial justice + equity, Black culture + Community, Natural Hair Laws + History

Chanté Griffin is a journalist and natural hair advocate based in Los Angeles. Her socially conscious work centers on the intersection of race, culture, and faith. Chanté writes for and about the Black community in the U.S., especially Black women's hair and health.

- Bylines in 50+ publications including Vogue, The Huffington Post, Marie Claire

- Contributor to The Washington Post, L.A. Parent, Faithfully Magazine

- Former contributor to The Root, LA Weekly

Honors and awards:

  • California Arts Council Fellow, 2021-2022
  • Freedom Road’s Leadership Cohort (for faith + justice leaders), 2020
  • Arts Religion Culture Emerging Leader Fellow, 2019


As an emerging thought leader on race, Chanté is regularly interviewed and cited in magazines, newspapers, and podcasts. Her 2019 article “How Natural Black Hair at Work Became a Civil Rights Issue” published in JSTOR Daily, was the first article to provide a comprehensive history of anti-natural Black hair laws in the U.S. The trailblazing article has been cited in law journals and legal cases for throughout the country. Today it is a trusted resource used by teachers and social justice organizations throughout the country. 

Chanté Griffin is the co-author of Having Our Say: Black Voices On Working In Higher Education, published by the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium in 2020. She is also the author of “Jessi on the Margins: Black Characters Then & Now,” an essay that explores how race is portrayed in children’s literature in the 1980s and ‘90s. This essay was published in Literary Hub and the anthology, We Are The Baby-Sitters Club: Essays and Artwork from Grown-up Readers, by Chicago Review Press in 2021. The project’s precursor was a 2019 article she penned for The Washington Post, “Beyond ‘Peter Pan” and ‘Baby-Sitters Club’: How (and why) to find more diverse books.”

Because Chanté believes that the arts can ignite social change and soul transformation, she co-leads Spirit & Scribe, an online workshop that explores the intersection of writing craft and spiritual formation.


Chanté attended Pomona College in Claremont, CA, where she majored in Media Studies and studied how women and BIPOC are treated in the media.

After graduation, Chanté studied the craft of writing. She attended the VONA Voices Memoir Writing Workshop at the University of San Francisco and has taken writing workshops through the Iota Writers Workshop and The Second City.

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