Watch Chelsea Handler Demonstrate a Supported Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Plus, learn more about the deadlift variation.

Chelsea Handler
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Chelsea Handler is at it again with another impressive exercise. Her trainer Ben Bruno shared a clip of the comedian doing a deadlift variation you're going to want to add to your workout routine: a supported single-leg Romanian deadlift.

In the video, Handler does a set of the lower-body exercise on each leg. She starts with her left leg propped up on a bench for support. The non-working leg is extended straight laterally, and her foot is flexed with her heel on top of the bench. She holds a 53-pound kettlebell weight in her left hand as she hinges forward with a flat back and bends her right knee before returning to her starting position. Then, she does reps on the opposite side.

"Chelsea Handler is a closet meathead who moonlights as a comedian," jokes Bruno in a text box displayed over the clip. "This is a great exercise to work the glute and hamstring of the leg on the ground and give some extra work to the adductor of the elevated leg," he adds.

Handler's use of a 53-pound kettlebell "is super impressive and shows that she has a great balance of strength and mobility,"writes Bruno in the caption of his post

Traditional Romanian deadlifts target the hamstrings while also working the lower back and glutes. They involve hinging at the hips with both knees slightly bent as you lower weights toward the ground with a flat back. Because you only use your hips to lower down, you'll feel a strong stretch in your hamstrings. This is helpful for balancing strength in the muscles on both the front and back of the legs.

Single-leg Romanian deadlifts are more challenging than traditional deadlifts because you perform the exercise on one leg at a time, requiring balance and stability. "This is going to challenge your balance and also allow you to look at the possible imbalances on either side of your body," Keri Harvey, a NASM-certified personal trainer in New York City, previously told Shape.

In Bruno's recent clip, Handler demonstrates a supported single-leg deadlift. It offers the unilateral training benefits of a single-leg deadlift with less balance required thanks to support provided by resting one leg on a bench. Plus, with the non-working leg stretched out to the side (rather than directly behind you), it also targets the adductors in the inner thigh.

Based on the comedian's testimonial for Bruno's training in general, you might want to give his supported single-leg deadlift exercise a try.

"I was always worried about getting too big with weight training, and the opposite happened," wrote Handler, according to Bruno's recent Instagram caption. "I am leaner and tighter than I was in my twenties."

If you want to get in on the benefits of this lower-body move, all you need it a weight and an elevated surface to rest your non-working leg. Though, you might consider starting with basic deadlifts before working your way up to this exercise if you're new to strength training.

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