January 19, 2011

My trainer, Whitney Cole, says that having a space in my home dedicated solely to working out will make my sweat sessions go more smoothly. Having a go-to routine like these 3 home workouts (that only require one piece of equipment) helps too. So I took a look at where I currently had my exercise equipment and saw a whole bunch of other things: molding for an upcoming hallway and kitchen project, various power tools, leftover tile from when my husband and I finished the kitchen backsplash, and miscellaneous puppy stuff. So I set out to find new places for all of that clutter. I put the molding under the couch in the living room, where it wouldn't get in anyone's way, and I returned the tools and tile to the garage. As for the dog supplies, those went into the kitchen. The next time I worked out, I had to admit Whitney was right. It was a lot easier to do my moves when I wasn't worried about knocking over a piece of wood!


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