Shoppers Say They’ve Seen ‘Consistent and Healthy’ Hair Growth Thanks to This On-Sale Scalp Scrub

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Coco & Eve Bundle Sale

Coco & Eve

My scalp has always been prone to dryness, itching, and flaking due to scalp psoriasis. While medicated shampoos can definitely help, they didn’t entirely give me the results that I wanted. Fortunately, I found this Deep Clean Scalp Scrub from Coco and Eve that has totally transformed my scalp, and as a result, the texture of my hair, too. And right now, the scrub, along with two other near-magical Coco and Eve products — the Super Nourishing Hair Masque and the Miracle Hair Elixir oil — are all available in the on-sale Hair Necessities Kit so you can improve your hair health from root to tip without breaking the bank. 

Coco & Eve Bundle Sale

Coco & Eve

Buy It: Coco and Eve Hair Necessities Kit, $39 (Was $52),

I’m a fan of all of these products, but I particularly love that the brand’s scalp scrub is very gentle and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin like some other scalp scrubs, while still working as an effective exfoliant. The exfoliation removes flaking and buildup of dead skin cells, which creates a healthy environment for new hair growth. Not to mention, I barely experience flakiness or dandruff since I started using this scrub.

Coco & Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub

Coco & Eve

Buy It: Deep Clean Scalp Scrub, $29,

For many years, my hair was stuck at a slightly below-shoulder length. I had wanted to grow it longer but had difficulty achieving the desired growth. Now, it’s down to down to my waist and I get a ton of compliments on it. Improving my scalp care routine with the Coco and Eve scalp scrub was one thing that helped me grow my hair to the longest length it’s ever been — though I definitely also recommend finding a great leave-in conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum if your ultimate goal is to grow long, healthy hair. That’s why Coco and Eve’s on-sale Hair Necessities Kit is the perfect trio for improving hair health.

Reviewers have also experienced positive results from using the Coco and Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub. “Since using the product I’ve noticed such a growth in my hair, [I] can’t recommend it enough,” wrote one happy shopper. Another reviewer called it the best hair product that she’s ever spent her money on, saying that it does wonders for her itchy scalp and that her “hair growth has been consistent and healthy” since using the product.

Many reviewers have also noticed that their hair feels thicker after using Coco and Eve’s products, with one enthusiastic reviewer sharing that their hair volume improved after just two weeks of using the Deep Clean Scalp Scrub. The hair masque included in the Hair Necessities bundle has also been praised by reviewers. One reviewer reported seeing “a huge improvement in thickness, softness and hydration” after using the product and another saying that it “visibly improved the strength and thickness of my hair”.

If you’re currently trying to grow out your hair, check out the Coco and Eve Hair Necessities Kit while it’s on sale for 25 percent off.

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