I always have a few reusable ice packs in my freezer to help numb workout-related aches and dull my migraines (I actually sleep with one in my pillowcase when my head is really throbbing.) In my decade-long hunt for a great pack, I've discovered that the ones that stay cold the longest don't mold to your body-they're usually just stiff blocks of ice-and the comfy gel-filled ones warm up too quickly. So I was psyched to find Peas Cold Therapy (from $6;, a plastic filled with hundreds of squishy plastic balls. (If you've ever used a bag of frozen veggies to soothe a bruise, you get the name.) I used it on my pounding head last night, and it was much comfier than the rock-hard ice pack I'd been using-and it stayed cold just about as long. Looks like my old ice packs have been demoted to picnic duty.