Shoppers in Their 60s Call This Ridge Filler a “Miracle” for Brittle, Breaking Nails

It imparts an “elegant,” barely-there wash of color.

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Dermelect Nail Concealer

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My 70-year-old mom rarely wears nail polish, primarily because it accentuates her deep nail ridges. It’s not just in her head: Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Scott Paviol previously told Shape that developing nail ridges is often an unavoidable part of the aging process. At 30, I have yet to develop ridges; my nails, however, have been through the ringer with various DIY manicures, including dip nails, press-ons, and gels. As a result, my nails are brittle and bumpy in their own right. That’s why Dermelect Makeover Smoothing Ridge Filler's is in my cart after hearing a coworker of mine rave about the results. 

True to its name, the brush-on polish — a bestseller for the brand — instantly fills in vertical ridges for a smoother look and feel. Better yet, it actually strengthens nails over time, making for a two-in-one treatment that shoppers are calling a “miracle.” In addition to physically filling in ridges, the formula delivers a natural-looking pink hue with a slight sheen for an extra dose of healthy-looking luster the moment it’s applied. With its instant camouflaging effect and the good-for-you ingredients, the Dermelect ridge filler is comparable to a BB cream for your nails.

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler Nail Treatment


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In and of itself, nail polish can serve as a protective shield against the elements, celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee previously told Shape. "You want to have a coat on the nails — a color, clear polish, or some sort of strengthener — so that your nails can be protected by a barrier.” In addition to serving the protective shield function, Dermelect’s ridge filler actively works to strengthen nails — and quickly, thanks to a bevy of hardworking, science-backed ingredients.

Specifically, the formula is infused with keratin, i.e. the main protein that your nail plate is composed of. Moreover, it also includes biotin, a B vitamin that supports healthy hair and nails, and vitamin E, an antioxidant that is extremely hydrating for both skin and nails. Lastly, protein peptides help to improve strength and moisture so that nails do not break as easily. Consequently, nails can grow past their breaking point in many cases.

According to one shopper, their “nails are growing much faster than normal” after using the Dermelect ridge filler, while another shopper over 65 called it a “miracle” in light of how it gave them their “nails back” from a stunted state after a few months of use. Yet another 65-year-old reviewer said they’ve used the product “for years” to help with their aging nails, and have “always received compliments” as a result. As for the instant, BB cream-like camouflage: A final shopper in their 50s said it’s “just the right hint of color on your natural nails,” dubbing it “a barely there beige pink with a little bit of iridescence” that’s “really elegant.”

If nail ridges, weakness, or an overall lackluster appearance are an issue, try the Dermelect Makeover Smoothing Ridge Filler — an $18 solution that strengthens, smooths, and imparts a gorgeous, healthy-looking sheen. 

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