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Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Allyship Pledge

At Shape, we aim to create an inviting, authentic, and trusting space where our mantra is “wellness for all.”

But we also understand that every reader who engages with our brand is unique, with varying fitness levels and individual health goals and concerns. And as such, the concept of wellness looks different for everyone. There is no singular way to be healthy or live well. Our content will always speak to this mindset, offering exercise modifications to meet you where you are, skin-care tips for all skin types and tones, and nutrition information that is insightful, never shameful.

What’s more, we recognize that not everyone is afforded the same privileges and access to services and information to make their version of holistic wellness achievable.

We are committed to using our platforms to elevate marginalized voices and create the kind of wellness world where everyone feels seen, heard, and accepted for who they are while also finding empowerment through goal-setting. As such, we are taking several actionable steps to support anti-racism, representation, and inclusivity on our site and social media platforms:


  • Writers Pledge: All active and new contributing writers are asked to acknowledge a diversity pledge, which, in part, requires them to make their best efforts to include insight from at least one diverse expert source for every assignment, as well as reference inclusive scientific research when applicable.
  • Content Review: While we always strive to create copy that is free of insensitive, biased, or harmful language, we recognize the value of having additional oversight and perspectives. As such, in 2022 we began working with an internal Dotdash Meredith anti-bias review board to evaluate our existing library against these diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. By November 2022, the anti-bias review board reviewed 400 URLs that comprise 45% of total traffic. We aim to implement all feedback on these documents by August 2023. In April 2023, we completed a Toxic Terminology project in which we removed all toxic and negative terms from the site, including those that promote diet culture, such as 'whittle your middle,' 'bikini body,' 'cankles,' and more.
  • Fitness Experts: As part of our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive, inviting, and affirming fitness world, we aim to feature (visually or through expert interviews) diverse talent (through race, body type, gender identity, or ability) in at least 50 percent of all newly published fitness content.
  • E-commerce: We aim to include BIPOC-founded or -owned brands, products, or services in every new market round-up. Additionally, we make a concerted effort to research, test, and evaluate BIPOC-founded or -owned brands, products, or services for our various Awards programs to ensure at least 15 percent of the finalists or winners are BIPOC-founded or -owned.


  • Talent: We aim to have at least one individual who represents a marginalized group (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled) on set at every original Shape photo or video shoot. This includes both production and talent, as there is equal importance to those who help make the content and those who you see in this content.


  • Visual Representation: We will include diversity in race, body type, sexuality, age, gender identity, or ability in every six posts within our Instagram feed to ensure you never have to scroll to “see yourself” or to find diverse representation on our platform.
  • Talent: We aim to work with partners who represent diversity in race, body type, sexuality, age, gender identity, or ability in 40 percent of our original content, including Reels, Takeovers, or IG Lives.


  • Join Forces: We aim to amplify the voices of marginalized communities within the wellness industry (and their allies) through content collaborations, including our Sweat Equity collection of stories, and social media partnerships. To help do this, we’ll prioritize coverage of individuals, organizations, and brands that promote inclusivity within the greater health and fitness community.
  • Contributors: By the end of 2023, 40 percent of Shape's contributing writers will include BIPOC or those who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • Internal: We ensure that BIPOC candidates are considered for every open role and we will continue efforts to diversify our in-house team.