DWTS Elimination: Kirstie Alley to SHAPE: "Are You High?"

Find out why the DWTS all-star lashed out


Let's just move past the shock of Bristol Palin's safety and Joey Fatone's early departure on week two of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. Sure, he was out of sync a few times, as the judges pointed out on Monday night, but the showmanship should have been enough to keep the ex-boy bander safe another week, no? A five-way tie for sixth place (putting him in front of Palin and Mark Ballas, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy) is no longer a spot of safety? All joking aside, I was disappointed with the results, but one star proved she's still a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor.

After questioning Alley's devotion to the competition in yesterday's DWTS recap, she set out to prove she is serious about this season, tweeting at us at 4:47 p.m. EST:

@kirstiealley: @Shape_Magazine ARE YOU HIGH???? Of course I'm in it to win it!!! Haul ur ass around the dance floor in front of 20 mil...dare ya..#critics

Nope, not high, just surprised when she didn't seem fully committed to her flapper-girl character, which was one of the things we loved most about her on season 12. Maybe this tweet clears up her seeming lack of enthusiasm:

@kirstiealley: my two least favorite dances are out of the way...hope to survive to dance the Cha Cha next week..danceaholic.. one week at a time..;)

Alley further set the record straight with the following tweets:

‏‪@kirstiealley: off to do yoga and stretch this sore body so that I can walk down the massive DWTS stairway tonight!! LMFAO you gotta love bodies..;)

kirstiealley: THANK YOU VOTERS from ‪@MaksimC and I!!!!!!! NEXT week we will Cha Cha our way to the top of the board!! We LOVE you!!!! Thank YOU!!!!

‏‪@kirstieally: PROVING once again I have the BEST fans in the universe!!!!... I'm overwhelmed and fearless now !!! ALL because of you!!!! I'm a LUCKY girl!

And while we're not sure on the math, we think it's a great idea:

‏‪@kirstieally: If you dance during DWTS results show while you watch TV.. you'll burn 1,000 calories...hehe.... DANCE!!

Be sure to follow @Shape_Magazine, @kirstiealley, @MaksimC, @DancingABC, and all of your all-star favorites to get in on the DWTS conversation. What do you think about last night's elimination? Who will be next to go? And what do you think, was Alley off her game this week or did I miss something? Can't wait to see this cha cha cha she's tweeting about!

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