How Elle Macpherson Takes Care of Her 'Mind, Body, and Spirit'

The 58-year-old supermodel shared some of her favorite wellness practices while posing in a bikini.

Elle Macpherson
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Elle Macpherson takes a holistic approach to wellness.

"I take care of my mind, body, and spirit every day with breath practice and meditation," the 58-year-old Australian model and actress wrote in the caption of a recent Instagram post. She revealed some of her lifestyle habits alongside a video of her posing in a string bikini, slouchy sweater, and sunglasses.

Macpherson got into the specifics of her wellness routine in a recent interview with Body+Soul. "I like to start my day in the way I intend for it to flow," she said. That usually means waking up early and hydrating with water first thing. Then, it's off to yoga, occasionally followed by a cold plunge. In the evenings, she winds down with time in an infrared sauna and maybe another cold plunge, she told the publication.

She's certainly not the only celebrity to enjoy a cold plunge: Lizzo, Kate Hudson, and Brie Larson are just a few A-listers known to partake in the chilly practice. ICYDK, dunking yourself in an ice bath or taking a cold shower can have real benefits, such as improving circulating and lowering risk of injury and pain in the muscles and joints, Shape previously reported.

A "big believer in energy healing," Macpherson also does acupuncture, breathwork, and sound healing. She seems game for just about any wellness activity. "I’ve just discovered the Russian Banyas, an ancient tradition of steam sauna including flaying with dry tree or herb branches called veniks," she said in the recent interview.

She also does silent or guided meditation for about 25 minutes every day. "I try to live my life in a perpetual flow of meditative connection rather than just at specified times," she explained.

As for working out, getting outdoors and "connecting to nature" are priorities for the supermodel. "I choose activities where I am outside, close to nature as much as possible — hiking, biking, swimming, or simply sitting in the fresh air and sunshine," she said. She's certainly onto something, as outdoor workouts are known to boost mental and physical health.

"I don't have a set schedule — I go with the flow, but I go," said Macpherson. Whether or not you have access to infrared saunas and cold plunge pools, that's one wellness practice everyone can get behind.

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