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5 Bedtime Hair Hacks That Will Save You Time in the Morning

Make your mornings go faster with these stylist-approved tips.


Getting out the door each morning can be a hassle—especially if you have to build extra time into your morning routine to do your hair. Try these five time-saving tricks, straight from the pros, before you go to bed. They’ll help you get perfect wake-up-and-go hair in the a.m.

Get effortless beachy waves with multiple braids. "This is great for long, damp hair. The key is quantity: Don't do just one or two braids. Do two in the back and one on each side of your head. Use a coated hair tie; don’t use a rubber band, because that may cause breakage. Make the braids pretty loose. In the morning, brush your hair for more wave and body. Then use a finishing spray, a soft, light-oiled product that'll create shine and smoothness." —Andrew DeShon, stylist at Spa on Penn in Kansas City, Missouri

Go Princess Leia for soft curls. "When your hair is slightly damp, part it down the middle, all the way down the back of your head, to create two sections. On each side of your head, create coils by twisting the section of hair away from your face and loosely twist it into a bun, securing each one low behind your ear. Use bobby pins or a hair tie that isn't too snug. Wake up and shake out your hair from the roots for soft, natural-looking waves. Finish with a texture spray or hairspray to hold the body and fullness." —MariLynne Cosmillo, stylist at Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Get more mileage out of your blowout with a silk scarf. "Starting at the nape of your neck, twist your hair and pull the hair up. Pin the ends with a few bobby pins. Then tie a silk scarf around your head. In the morning, unpin the hair and comb it out." —Janet Zeitoun, stylist in Beverly Hills, California

Brush, brush, brush for super-shiny locks. "If you’re going to bed with dry hair, use a boar bristle brush and brush your hair from top to bottom. I call this the 'Marcia Brady technique.' Do it 25 to 50 times per side. This will take the oil off your scalp and move it through the hair. It will keep the hair cleaner longer, and the oil will help smooth the hair and increase shine." —Andrew DeShon 

Curl and pin your hair for relaxed waves. "When your hair is damp, put mousse in it. Next, either use rollers or create roller-like curls all over using your fingers. Put bobby pins in the curls to keep them tight. Wake up and let that hair loose. Put on some finishing spray for flawless curls. The curls will look tighter than beachy waves but looser than ringlets. To relax the curls, gently run your fingers through them." —Rose Mares, stylist at Spa Pechanga at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California