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8 Ways to Take a Better Selfie

Here’s how to take the best photo of yourself, ever.


1. Tilt Your Head at an Angle

Rather than facing the camera (um, your smartphone) head on, try turning your face slightly, which will help accentuate your cheekbones and open up your eyes, while adding that extra bit of personality, too.

2. Open the Window for Your Best Light

If you can’t get outside to snap a selfie, open the shade and use as much natural light as possible, but indirectly. Make sure you’re not looking into the light, otherwise your face will wind up all scrunched up.

3. Employ the Help of an App

You definitely don’t need to Photoshop yourself til you’re unrecognizable, but a little light photo editing can go quite a long way. There are dozens of photo apps available in the App Store that can help brighten up images, add saturation, and sharpen quality without making your photos, look, well, faux.

4. Make Yourself Laugh

The best photos of yourself are the ones you least expect—those candid shots that you only wish you could replicate come selfie time. Next time you’re photographing yourself, literally laugh out loud. It may feel unnatural at first, but let that ridiculous feeling turn into real laughter, and you’ll get a slew of great shots, too.

5. Hold Your Phone Up High

This trick kills two birds with one stone: By raising the camera above your head, you’ll naturally slim your face, while also showing off some of your bad-ass athleisure that deserves some social love, too. Make sure you’re not holding it too high up; hold the phone straight and pulled a bit in for the most flattering angle.

6. Tweak Your Pose

Taking a mirror selfie to show off your gym OOTD? Little changes, like placing your hand above rather than on your hip, crossing your legs, or popping a knee can have a big payoff.

7. Prop Your Head

Laying down? Slide a pillow under you head to prop your head up to get a sultry (as opposed to sleepy) vibe.

8. Use Some “White Out”

Not the kind you used in school, but rather, a sheet of paper or paper towel. When you hold it up near your face, it neutralizes the light from the flash, if you’re using one. Hold it low in the frame, and crop it out after you’ve taken the photo. Try the trick with a before and after for yourself—you’ll be amazed at the results.