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Find Your Perfect Frames

Not just for reading anymore, eyeglasses have become a true
style statement, instantly transforming your features, your
outfit, and your image. But with so many frame designs
and advances in lens technology out there, the optical
shop can be a confusing place.

The 10 Best Tips We've Ever Heard

  1. Have your prescription with you

    Some specialty lenses, for example,
    aren't compatible with smaller frames,
    says Selima Salaun, owner of Selima
    Optique in New York City and Paris.
  2. Stand in front of a full-length mirror

    Eyeglasses can affect your entire
    appearance, so make sure to get a head-to-
    toe view of yourself, says Salaun.
  3. Bring along a friend
    Model picks
    for a fashion-minded pal.
  4. Consider the context
    Choose a style
    that reflects your personality and
    lifestyle. Metal frames will give you a
    no-nonsense look, while colorful plastic
    imparts a more fashion-forward vibe.
  5. Try on several styles for size
    glasses should be in proportion to
    your facial features.
  6. Mind your materials
    Wearing your
    glasses at work and to work out?
    Ask about lightweight, durable frames
    made of titanium, Flexon, or aluminum.
  7. Choose the right hue
    "Warm" complexions
    (yellow undertones) pair
    well with khaki, copper, or peachcolored
    frames. Skin tones considered
    "cool" (blue or pink) are better suited to
    black, plum, and dark tortoise shades.
  8. Be sure they fit
    Your cheeks
    shouldn't touch the rims of your
    glasses when you grin, and your pupils
    should rest in the center of the frames.
  9. Get comfortable
    If the glasses pinch
    or slide off, ask the optician for an
    adjustment or choose a different style.
  10. Donate your old glasses
    Clubs International will distribute
    used eyewear to those in need.


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