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10 Facebook Pages You Will Love to "Like"

Rachel Cosgrove

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Rachel Cosgrove, personal trainer to the stars and best-selling author of The Female Body Breakthrough, brings her tough-love training trips, personal stories, and sensible advice all wrapped up in a girlfriend vibe that Beyonce´ would love. Girls, we do run the world! (And the races and the errands and... )

Survival of the Fittest

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Jen Sinkler, senior fitness editor of Experience Life magazine and CrossFit junkie, frequently updates Survival of the Fittest with motivational quotes, training tips, research articles, and hilarious pictures. She's a one-stop shop for anyone who likes to ask a lot of questions and get real answers.


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Heather Frey, a figure competitor and owner of SmashFit, specializes in motivating people to make positive changes in their lives. Too tired to hit the gym after work? Heather will give you just the push you need.


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You may know Athleta for their cute and comfy duds, but their real focus is on helping you be beautiful inside and out. Check out the athletic clothing giant's page for interviews with their catalog models (who are real athletes), inspirational stories from customers, and links to their Chi blog, which covers everything from mental health to what's for dinner.

Girls Gone Strong

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Girls Gone Strong is a movement to get more women into the weight room and show that strength is beautiful. Watch inspirational videos, get weight-lifting tips, read interviews from pro women, and leave feeling pumped up—both mentally and physically.

CrossFit Lisbeth

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CrossFit ladies are known for being tough but Lisbeth shows us the softer side with poignant reminders, gentle teaching, and the occasional serious kick in the pants to help you become the person (and body) you want to be.

Fun and Fit

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Identical twins Kymberly and Alexandra share an eclectic collection of book reviews, research, fitness classes, workout tips, and random (often hilarious) thoughts on their Fun and Fit Facebook page. You'll be laughing so hard you won't even realize how much you're learning.

Fit Chick in the City

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Think Carrie Bradshaw but in Nikes instead of Manolos: Fit Chick in the City is a fun blend of running stories and trivia, tips for living healthy in the city, and fun vegan recipes.


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You might already know and love Cassey from her free—and amazing—POP Pilates workout videos on YouTube, but her Blogilates Facebook page is a wealth of information. Not only does she share workout demos, but she comes up with some killer recipes too.

Yum Yucky

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Whether or not you're a mom, you'll be inspired by Josie, who managed to lose weight while not losing her sense of humor. On her Yum Yucky Facebook page, she shares tips for how she conquered "the sugar beast", exercises with her kids, and tests out new foods. But the best part is her ever-changing head gear—who isn't inspired by someone wearing a carved watermelon or a basket of fruit as a hat?

Bonus! SHAPE Magazine

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Yes, we're kind of tooting our own horn, but only because we work so hard to make sure our readers get the best. And we don’t want you to miss out—even if you don't read us on paper! Check out our Facebook page to see the top articles and workouts from every issue and get tons of online-exclusive tips and goodies. You can count on us to always have new ideas for your workouts (and we want to hear yours, too!).


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