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15 Problems Every Fit Girl Has During the Summer

We love summer, not only for the weather and the good times (rooftops, barbecues, and beach days), but for all the new ways we can break a sweat (stand-up paddleboarding! Beach volleyball! Surfing!) But all that fun in the sun doesn't come without a few drawbacks (sports bra tan lines, anyone?). Not that the cons would stop us (or you!). But you can probably relate to these 15 workout problems that only happen during the summer. 

Sunscreen sweat gets in your eyes. And it BURNS. 


You finally get to flaunt your sports bra with the cool back to the masses. But now you have weird tan lines from it. 


The bottoms of your feet get so hot on a run, you think your shoes are actually on fire.


You can't tell how hard you worked out by your sweat because you sweat just by standing.


And your headphones keep falling out of your ears because of said sweat.


Your usual sweat stains get bigger—which means butt sweat looks like you full-on peed yourself.


Your workout outfit options decrease by half because it's too hot to wear any of your cute printed leggings.


And your sweaty clothes hanging out to dry? They never do because it's so. Humid.


And you thought you did a lot of laundry the other nine months out of the year!


Your gym bag is twice as heavy from packing twice as many clothes. Because going from your workout to X social event is not happening in this heat.


You don't know where to store coconut oil because it gets too hard in the fridge and it gets too hot and liquidy on the shelf.


You hate wearing sandals because, runners' foot.


Your morning workout has to happen 30 minutes earlier to account for the time it takes your body to cool off before you can get ready for the day.


The gym pool gets crowded, even though you've been going there all year.


Same goes for the juice shop.


But, hey, to finally flaunt the body you've been working on all year, play beach volleyball, and break out your cute rash guard, it's all worth it, right?



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