The good, the bad, and the "are we there yet?" moments we all experience on our first trip of the season

By Marnie Soman Schwartz
Corbis Images

It's summer! Which means you can finally break out your tent, head into the woods for a couple of days, and reconnect with nature. (Need trail ideas? Visit one of the 10 Picturesque National Parks Worth Hiking.) If it's been awhile since your last long hike, you're probably picturing the awesome view from the top of a mountain…and may have forgotten about all it takes to get you there. But don't worry, the struggles are worth it. Just remember, it's totally normal to think these thoughts.

Oh yeah, I've got this.

I'm prepared for anything.

Nature is so wonderful. Trees! Everywhere!

Wait, everything looks the same. Why do I feel like I'm not making any progress?

Oh, man. Really gotta pee.

I'll just pop a squat over here. Nobody will see me here. Right?

How are all these people passing me? This isn't a race.

Just keep climbing...just keep foot in front of the other.

We made it!!!

This view is amazing. Hold on-I need to take 35 Instagram pics.

I'm king (OK, fine, queen) of the world!

Alright, now I'm ready for a nap. What do you mean we have to hike back down?!

Down is so much easier! Except when it's terrifying.

Where. Are. The. Snacks?

This was the best day ever. Until next time, nature.


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