Crop tops come and go, but strong never goes out of style.


Want the secret to defined arms and shoulders? One word: muscle. (Yes, gaining muscle is a good thing. It helps your body burn more calories at rest, and has all these other awesome body benefits.)

This 20-minute workout with celebrity trainer Jaime McFaden builds just that. Plus, there's no equipment needed, so you can add this quick workout to your repertoire to bust out anywhere, anytime.

Start with the warm-up, then do each exercise for 30 seconds. You'll plank, crawl, and punch until your arms (and core!) are burning. (P.S. Crawling might actually be better for your abs than planks.) Don't skip the cooldown: Do each of the quick stretches at the end of the workout before moving on to the next part of your day.

To make it a total-body affair, try Jaime's 20-minute abs and butt workout to sculpt your core and lower body too. Arms not burning yet? Go back to the beginning (skipping the warm-up) and crush the workout a second time.

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