Today's blogger: Kristen Maxwell, Shape's assistant managing editor

Lately my usual workout has felt more like a snooze than a sweat session. But these fun new classes have me psyched to get to the gym again. Give them a try-or just steal one of their techniques to use in your routine.

> Cardio Junkie at Equinox Fitness Clubs nationwide

This 30-minute session-ideal for a lunch hour-combines dance moves, kickboxing, and good old jumping jacks to keep your heart rate elevated. You'll burn more than 250 calories.

Try it yourself Queue up a beat-thumping playlist and switch to a new activity-like boxing jabs, kicks, or jumping rope-every time the song changes.

> Indoboarding at Crunch gyms nationwide

Get the body of a surfer-without wiping out. During this one-hour session you'll do strength moves while balancing on an Indo Board (essentially a piece of wood that rests on an inflatable ball). You're so busy trying not to fall off, you can't possibly zone out.

Not a Crunch member? Stand on a balance disc or a squishy pillow while doing your favorite resistance moves.

> Booty Slide at Rebecca Kordecki Studio, New York City

You wear a pair of fabric booties and slide around the floor doing strength and cardio moves during this 40-minute energizing session. (Despite the class' name, you'll feel the workout from head to toe.)

Don't live in NYC? Put on a pair of socks, find a non-carpeted floor, then slide your way sculpted with the free downloadable moves at