Evening workouts can take a lot out of you; after a long day at the office, you still need to fit in a sweat session before you can go home and relax. Streamline your after-work fitness routine and make it a positive experience with these tips.

1. Get out of those clothes. It can be easy to fall into a habit of staying in your workout clothes if you're going directly home after the gym, but spending too much time in your workout outfit is bad for your skin and your clothes. Take a shower at the gym before you go or switch out of your outfit when you get home, and use these tips for washing your workout clothes to keep your clothes from being permanently stained and smelly.

2. Whip up a protein-packed dinner. Not that your grumbling stomach needs any more encouragement to eat ASAP, but it's important to eat a protein- and carb-filled dinner within two hours of your workout in order to build and repair those muscles. Keep your kitchen stocked with essential healthy pantry items, so you can whip up one of these quick protein-packed dinners that are perfect for after the gym.

3. Don't binge on the couch. You should give yourself some much-needed rest after a long day and workout, but don't undo your hard work with a five-minute ice cream break on the couch. Relax after dinner with a soothing cup of herbal tea or portion out your dessert before you enjoy it to make sure you aren't just eating empty calories right after you've spent all that time burning them off.

4. Pack your bag. Keep the momentum going by cleaning out and repacking your gym bag before you go to bed. Making sure you throw those sweaty duds in the laundry basket and pack your bag with the next day's outfit will keep your bag germ-free, while also making it that much harder to give in to excuses when tomorrow's evening gym trip time comes around.

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