If you're staring disdainfully at the sleeveless shirts in your closet, this workout couldn't have come at a better time. You'll target your arms, chest, shoulders and back with these four simple moves. Plus, as you get stronger, you'll improve your posture. "This is the perfect mix of exercises to help tone your entire upper body, including your abs, so you'll stand taller and look slimmer -- fast," says June Kahn, Pilates director at the Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colo., who created this workout exclusively for Shape. Now the question is: How many show-off-that-hard-work tank tops can you rationalize buying this spring?

This is the last in the three-part series on fusion workouts. Be sure to visit and check out other workouts from the editors of Shape. Plus, you can join our free interactive diet and fitness program, Get Fusion Fit.

What To Do

Warm up Do 10-12 forward and backward shoulder rolls then the same number of large arm circles.

The workout Do 1 set of each move in the order listed (resting for no more than 30 seconds between sets, if necessary). Finish by stretching. To increase the challenge, do a second set of each move.

How often to do them Knock off this workout twice a week, either by itself or as part of your regular routine. For a head-to-toe tone up, combine these fusion moves with the core exercises from Part I and the lower-body moves from Part II in the February and March issues, respectively; find each workout at