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Abs Challenge


Created by: Jeanine Detz, SHAPE Fitness Director

Level: Advanced

Works: Abdominals

Equipment: Medicine Ball; Swiss Ball

Ready to carve out some serious definition in your middle? This workout will do it. You’ll rev up your heart rate to blast fat while targeting all the muscles of your midsection. With moves such as the Medicine Ball Slam, V-Up, Side Plank and Mountain Climber, this workout will get your belly burning, no matter how strong you are!

Do 1 set of 10 to 12 reps of each exercise without resting between sets. Repeat.

This workout features the following exercises:

1.) Medicine ball slam
2.) V-Up

3.) Side Plank

4.) Mountain Climber

5.) Swiss Ball Jackknife

6.) Hip Crossover Crunch

7.) X-Chop

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