The Best Abs Exercises for Women

Get flat abs fast—no crunches required!


The secret reason your tummy might not be getting firm isn't what you do in the gym, it's what you do the rest of the day. "Something as simple as sitting at a desk all day can sabotage your ab-sculpting efforts," says New York City trainer Brent Brookbush, a performance-enhancement specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Sitting in one position leads to tight muscles, which can make it harder to contract your abs and do toning moves effectively, he says.

Brookbush's four-part plan tackles that issue so you get your best ab workout ever. Get started now and get confident about baring your middle in just four weeks.


Do these moves in order 2 or 3 times a week. The first ones are designed to release and stretch your body first. This lays the groundwork for the rest of the moves to work your middle.

Boost your results: Add cardio several times a week to burn flab all over. Or switch things up and watch and do the 10 Minutes to a Flat Stomach workout.


A foam roller, stability ball, and handled resistance tube (a mat is optional). Find gear at

Go to the routine!

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