Is This the Best Yoga Mat Ever?

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Lululemon's work at patenting its famed yoga mat has paid off: After having a panel of three yoga instrutors test 13 yoga mats, The Wirecutter has named Lululemon's The Mat the best of the best.

What sets The Mat apart from other yoga mats? It was the least slippery model Wirecutter's panel of judges tested. In fact, Wirecutter reports that "the wetter it got, the grippier it [got]." Sounds too good to be true, but it actually works. The secret is the polyurethane covering Lululemon coats its mats in, which results in a double-sided mat that offers traction that is "superior to any other mat available right now."

Still not convinced? Here, expert opinions and other highly-ranked mats you should try.

1. Gaiam's Sol Dry-Grip Mat: This mat was The Wirecutter's second place mat. The site wrote: "Our runner-up is plenty grippy and has a PVC backing, which is less environmentally friendly than natural rubber (used in some of the competition) but shouldn't trigger any allergies, either."

2. Jade Mats' The Harmony Professions: "It's soft enough to cushion, but not so soft it upsets your balance. It's also super light for a real-deal yoga mat, so you don't hurt your shoulders carrying it around town," says Heidi Kristoffer, creator of CrossFlowX Yoga in New York City

3. Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Mat: This $13 mat clocks in way lower than some of the $70 options-but also made Wirecutter's list of top mats. They wrote that "if you're only a fair-weather yogi, you're just trying it out, or you're on a tight budget, our budget pick is great."

4. PROlite Mat by Manduka: Dina Ivas, a yoga instructor at Equinox in New York City, says that "like a great pair of running shoes, a great yoga mat can enhance your experience. As an urban yogi who travels all around NYC teaching and practicing, I've tried almost every mat out there, and this is my favorite to date for its light cushioning, traction, and portability. Quality like this is worth the investment!"

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