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Bicep Exercises From SHAPE Readers

Bicep Exercise: Hammer Curls

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"I love hammer curls with a twist and preacher curls with the EZ bar!"

-Skinny "Fatkids"

Bicep Exercise: Dumbbell Curls

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"Dumbbell curls, barbell curls & push-ups. Don't 'cheat' just eat smart!"

-Soraya Guzman

Bicep Exercise: Pull-Ups

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"Push ups, any kind of curl, pull-up bar, ect."

-Cristina Renee Pufal

Bicep Exercise: Push-ups

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"Push-ups push-ups and some more push-ups!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Vinetta Jushkova

Bicep Exercise: Dumbbell Curls

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"Dumbbell curls with 20s = 13 inch arms... :)"

-Mae Miles

Bicep Exercise: Tricep Extensions

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"I love BB curls on the prayer bench as well as a dropset of tricep extensions with the rope/ pulley."

-The Get In Shape Girl

Bicep Exercise: Pull-Up Bar

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"Dumbbell curls, pull-up bar, push-ups!"

-Deana Hiner

Bicep Exercise: E-Z Bar Curls

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"Super Lean R arm, E-Z bar curls"

-Nicolle Vealey

Bicep Exercise: Pull-Ups

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"Hold one dumbbell at a time and do 3 sets of 20 each arm and 3 sets of 10 pull-ups."

-Shannon Martin

Bicep Exercise: One Arms Concentration Curls

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"One arm concentration curls!!! :D"

-Gloria McFarlane

Bicep Exercise: Alternating Hammer Curls

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"I like alternating hammer curls with a twist at the top, pull-ups and straight bar curls!!"

-Starr Tammy

Bicep Exercise: Preacher

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"Hammer, preacher, anything! :)"

-Kim Norland

Bicep Exercise: Dips

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"Push-ups, hammer curls, and dips are my favorite!!"

-Erin Chaney Wood

Bicep Exercise: Arnold Press

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"My favorites are the Arnold press, biceps curls—either with a barbell or free weights, chin-ups, push-ups on the stability ball, up/down planks on the BOSU ball and probably more!"

-Jessica Corbin

Bicep Exercise: Healthy Lifestyle

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"Fighting this age thing means more lifting cause at 48 I want to feel 28 and look 38. (or at least not 48 lol)"

-Hope Dolchin Nagy

Photo Copyright: 2009 Ben Leuner

Bicep Exercise: Speed Bag

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"I LOVE to wail on the speed bag!!!!"

-Kate Sughero Byrnside

Bicep Exercise: Jillian Micheals' Workout

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"I'm about to work out to Jillian's Boost Your Metabolism. Like Jillian says, 'If you wanna get ripped, you gotta get lean."

-Jessica Selken

Bicep Exercise: Curls

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"Love doing different types of curls!!! Also, tricep push-ups! :)"

-Briana Oyler

Bicep Exercise: Chin-Ups

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"I never train my arms separately. Love doing chin-ups, push-ups etc :)"

-Violet Gheletca


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