Check out the best cardio workouts for any kind of fitness routine. There are workouts and fitness advice on running, biking, rowing, HIIT, and other fat-burning exercises.

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How to Add Treadmill Sprint Workouts to Your Running Routine

Treadmill sprint workouts will help you hit your next PR while giving you the benefits of a HIIT workout.
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How to Find Time for Marathon Training When You Think It's Impossible

It's no secret that training for a marathon takes a lot of miles, strength, mental fortitude—and, yep, time. One writer shares her tips for making it happen.
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What Is the Proper Running Form, Anyway?

Whether you're a beginner or just need a refresher, here's what you should know about proper running form.
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The Brain Science of Biking

As if burning calories wasn't enough, a new study shows the brain-boosting benefits of biking, which begs the question: can you cycle for sanity?
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The Running Community That's Fighting to Change Health Care for Women In India

In a country where cancer is routinely considered a curse, these brave women are using running as a way to catch up women's health care—and survive.
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Should You Do Cardio Before or After Lifting Weights?

Trainers explain why there isn't a magic formula when it comes to doing cardio or weights first.