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15 Thoughts Every Runner Has When They're Stuck Inside on the Treadmill

1. Great. Soooo excited to stare at this wall for an hour.

Blinking Um No

If only I could run outside and look at all the things. I miss nature.

2. And so help me if all the treadmills are taken and I have to wait for one? I will KILL SOMEONE.

Buffy Squinting Eyes

If I glare at them long enough I bet they'll leave. Resting bitch face turned to the max.

3. Of course this one has a broken TV.

Why Me

Plus, the wifi isn't working. FML.

4. Are my shorts up my butt?

Picking Wedgie

They are definitely up my butt. Must. Not. Pick. Wedgie.

5. The person next to me is totally checking out my speed.

Beyonce Can You Not

STAHHHPPPP. This is my personal workout bubble and you're totally bursting it with your peeping Tom eyes.

6. Oh, you wanna race?

Running Race

It's ON.

7. YAASSS, crushing it. Just gonna bump up my speed a lil bit.

Cats Running on Treadmill

JK JK JK I can't run that fast.

8. Doing intervals is basically impossible. And a death wish.


Either I will die trying to jump on and off the screaming-fast treadmill or I will become a #gymfail meme.

9. And it's only been, like, two minutes.

Ryan Reynolds Ugh

But it feels like an ETERNITY.

10. Why does my breathing sound so loud in here?

Breathing Hard

Do I always sound like this? I hope everyone around me has headphones in or else they probably think I'm hyperventilating.

11. And I'm sweating like a pig.


It is SO hot in here. What I wouldn't give for a cool, outside breeze right now.

12. That feeling when you go over your gym's cardio machine "time limit," but you're only halfway done with your run.

Rachel McAdams Not Sorry

Sorry not sorry, people. I've got miles to log.

13. The person that just got on the treadmill next to me has horrific BO.

Friends Phoebe Smelly

But I can't stop now. Home stretch. Let's go.

14. Thank god, it's over. Time to go stretch. Except now I can't see straight and walking on the regular floor makes me feel like a total spaz.

Cat Stumble Fall

Please, running God, help me not trip right now.

15. I don't know how many times I can go through this.

Johnny Depp Crying

*Aimlessly stares out window while impatiently wait for spring.*


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