26 Best Marathon Signs to Get You Past the Finish Line

Whether you need motivation to make it through those 26.2 miles or just want inspo for your own supportive sign, browse these creative marathon signs.

A red marathon start banner with red and white confetti in a city

Marathons call for motivation — and studies show that positive messages can help boost physical activity. It's no question that a quick bit of positive reinforcement can help you make it through those final miles during a long, sweaty marathon. These inspirational marathon signs basically double as a boost of energy to help you reach the finish line, no caffeine required.

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Marathon Motivation: You Are Awesome

two marathon spectators holding marathon sign that reads "you = awesome!"

Straight and to the point! Plus: They're right. You are awesome.

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Get Your Fitness Priorities Straight, People

marathon spectator holding up a sign reading "you think this is bad? growing out bangs: now that is tough"

Growing out bangs really is the worst. Thank goodness for cute headbands!

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The Mark of a True Marathoner

marathon spectator posing with marathon sign that says "blisters are braille for 'awesome'"

Blisters are also braille for "I knew I shouldn't have worn my new shoes on race day."

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Chuck Norris Never Ran a Marathon

marathon spectator holding a sign reading "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon" with Lululemon logo

As far as anyone knows, Chuck Norris never wore Lululemon either...

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Geek Runners Unite!

marathon spectator in a group holding sign with "may the course be with you" text and drawing of Star Wars' R2D2

Use the force (of your powerful legs), young Jedi!

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Look at All Those Runners You're Beating

marathon spectator and child holding marathon signs reading "you are beating all the people behind you" and "daaang... you look good!"

It's tempting to focus on all the faster people in front of you, but don't forget about all the people you've passed! And you do look dang good doing it.

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Man's Best (Race) Friend

dog sitting next to marathon sign reading "run like you're finally gonna catch your tail!"

You know he'd like nothing more than to be out there running it with you.

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Running Gels?

marathon spectator holding sign with text reading "is that a gel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Marathon signs you can laugh about are a great distraction. And hey, maybe people are just happy to see you!

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Run Toward Ryan Gosling

marathon sign on the side of marathon course reading "run like Ryan Gosling is at the finish"

Even if this isn't true, just picturing Ryan Gosling will get you through at least a couple of miles, right?

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You're a Better Runner Than You Think

young child holding marathon sign with "you're running better than the government" text

You're running better than a lot of things, frankly: the MTA, my car...and definitely the government.

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Focus on How Far You've Run

marathon spectator holding marathon sign reading "focus on how far you've run, rather than how far you have to go"

Excellent advice. Remind me again at the next mile marker, please!

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Pain Is a Matter of Perspective

sign on the side of a marathon course with "this pain isn't as bad as a kidney stone" text

That distracting hangnail, on the other hand...

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You Look Good Running

woman holding marathon sign with a picture of a lizard and text reading "you look great, not like a wet lizard at all."

Hope you're right!

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Triumph = Marathoning

marathon sign on the ground with text reading "Marathoning: The triumph of desire over reason!"

Running is a triumph over a lot of things, honestly: pain, doubt, insecurity, boredom, and toenails, just to name a few.

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Runners Are Sexy Beasts

marathon sign reading "runners are sexy!!! your pace? or mine?"

See? Your running pace is perfect.

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Bragging About Running On Facebook Is Forever

marathon spectator holding marathon signs reading "pain is temporary, posting on facebook is forever" and "when you legs get tired, run with your heart"

Pain is temporary, but you'll forever have the pride of conquering it! Post about your successes all over social media — and enjoy all of the health (and happiness) benefits of running offline.

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Can't Stop Running, Won't Stop Running

marathon spectator holding sign reading "you can't stop now, people are watching"

Sometimes it helps to have an audience!

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Runner's Tummy Is Real

marathon spectator holding marathon sign with "run now poop later. never trust a fart!!" text

That's one reason to run faster.

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Inspiring One Another

three runners wearing signs on their backs reading "you are epic! have a great race!", "pain is temporary, quitting is forever! you can do it!" and "own your strength"

Gotta love when runners inspire each other! With on-the-track marathon signs, you might be tempted to stay behind them.

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Just Run

marathon spectator holding marathon sign with "run like there's a hot guy in front of you and a creepy one behind you!" text

Whether you're running toward something or away from something else, having a goal can put an extra spring in your step.

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Smiles Build Speed

spectator holding marathon signs reading "smile, it makes you faster"

Faking it until you make it can be a good game plan!

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Sore Feet, Strong Will

marathon sign reading "your feet are hurting because u r kicking so much ass"

Or is that you're kicking so much ass-phalt?

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Zen Running

marathon spectator holding sign with "Every step is one less to take" text

When you think you can't run another step, try just one more.

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Stopping the Race Isn't in the Plan

marathon spectator holding sign with "stopping: ain't nobody got time for that!!" text

Plus, once you stop it's so much harder to get going again!

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Who Needs Toenails?

child holding pompom and marathon sign with "toenails are overrated" text

You've earned that post-race pedi! And maybe you'll get a discount for having just nine nails?

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Running from the Zombies

marathon spectator holding pink sign with "consider this practice for when the zombies chase you!" text

Because really, when they do, you'll outrun them.

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