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26 Best Marathon Signs from Spectators

Marathon Motivation: You Are Awesome

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Straight and to the point! Plus: They're right. You are awesome. (These 18 Inspirational Fitness Quotes to Motivate Every Part of Your Workout will prove it!)

Get Your Fitness Priorities Straight, People

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Growing out bangs really is the worst. Thank goodness for cute headbands!

The Mark of a True Marathoner

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Blisters are also braille for "I knew I shouldn't have worn my new shoes on race day."

Chuck Norris Never Ran a Marathon

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As far as we know Chuck Norris never wore Lululemon either...

Geek Runners Unite!

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Use the force (of your powerful legs), young Jedi! And swear by these 8 Mind Tricks for Self-Motivation.

Look at All Those Runners You're Beating

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It's tempting to focus on all the faster people in front of you, but don't forget about all the people you've passed! And you do look dang good doing it.

Man's Best (Race) Friend

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You know he'd like nothing more than to be out there running it with you. Make him proud—and take him out later with The Ultimate Guide to Working Out with Your Dog.

Running Gels?

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Actually, we are just happy to see you—thanks for the encouragement!

Run Like Ryan Gosling

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Hey, girl—even if this isn't true, just picturing Ryan Gosling will get you through at least a couple of miles, right? (And check out these 10 Surprising Celeb Endurance Athletes.)

You're a Better Runner Than You Think

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You're running better than a lot of things frankly: the government, the PTA, my car...

Focus on How Far You've Run

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Excellent advice. Remind us again at the next mile marker, please! Because right about now we're having one of these 20 Thoughts Every Runner Has on a Long Run.

Pain Is a Matter of Perspective

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That hangnail, on the other hand...

You Look Good Running

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We hope you're right! (Psst! Make sure you have these 10 Essentials for Marathon Runners.)

Triumph = Marathoning

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Running is a triumph over a lot of things, honestly: pain, doubt, insecurity, boredom, and toe nails, just to name a few.

Runners Are Sexy Beasts

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See? Your pace is perfect.

Facebook Bragging About Running Is Forever

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Pain is temporary but you'll forever have the pride of conquering it! Post about your successes all over social media—and follow Our Favorite Celebrity Fitness Trainers on Instagram.

Can't Stop Running, Won't Stop Running

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Sometimes it helps to have an audience!

Runner's Tummy Is Real

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That's one reason to run faster. (Hopefully you ate one of The Best Foods to Fuel Your Marathon Training!)

Inspiring One Another

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We love it when runners inspire each other!

Just Run

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Whether you're running to something or away from something else, having a goal can put an extra spring in your step.

Smiles Build Speed

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We hope this is true.

Sore Feet, Strong Will

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Or is that you're kicking so much ass-phalt?

Zen Running

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When you think you can't run another step, try just one more. See 10 Mantras Mindfulness Experts Live By.

Stopping the Race Isn't in the Plan

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Plus, once you stop it's so much harder to get going again!

Who Needs Toenails?

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You've earned that post-race pedi! And maybe you'll get a discount for having just nine nails?

Running from the Zombies

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Because really, when they do, you'll outrun them.


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