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30 Things We Appreciate About Running

It's Empowering

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"The thing I appreciate most about running is no one can take it away or make it less than I want. I decide when, where, how, and why I run." - Julie Curtis of ROJ Running

It Teaches Us to Live in the Moment

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"During my long runs, I will pause my Garmin and stand on the sidewalk overlooking the Hudson River, closing my eyes and breathing in the salty air, allowing the sun to just beat down on my face. Life feels amazing, and I cherish living in the moment." - Amanda Rosenburg-Giovanis of Happy Mother Runner

It's Predictable

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"Running promotes the ideals of hard work and dedication. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it, and it can change your life forever!" - Lynda Lurei of Hit the Road Jane

The Supportive Community

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"Even though I am not fast, the fastest runners encourage me and tell me how proud they are of me. This community builds people up. It's a family! And I am proud to call myself a runner." - Mindy Artze

It's About What You Can Do, Not How Much You Weigh

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"I love that running is about how far I can go—I count my success in miles, not pounds." - Monica Olivas of Run Eat Repeat

It's a Universal Language

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"Running is a universal language. Out there on the road, next to one another, a simple head nod is enough to say 'Good for you,' and allow us to connect, regardless of who we may be the rest of the day." - Amanda Brooks McLatchie of Run to the Finish

It Makes You Grateful

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"Running makes me realize how lucky I am to have two strong limbs to carry me through the best and worst times!" - Geneviève Germaine Dubois of Gigi Eats Celebrities

It Has the Power to Heal

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"I had really severe post-partum depression after my baby was born. I felt really overwhelmed by everything. Running became my solace, my only guaranteed 'me time,' and when I got home, I felt like I could be a better mom." - Lindy Amos

It Reminds You to Breathe

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"I love the sound of my breathing when I've found my stride. Everything is better when you really breathe." - Quish Turner

It Connects You with Amazing People

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"I love that running brings complete strangers together. Some of my running role models are even my social media friends that I've never met, but I'm still motivated by them and in awe of their passion for running." - Annica Russo

Anyone Can Be a "Runner"

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"The thing I love most about running is that you can start at any stage of life. It's not how fast you are or how far you go that makes you a runner. It's all about the journey." - Jessica Rubin Cohen of Found the Marbles

It's a Gift

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"The thing I most appreciate about running is that it is a gift. There are so many who wish they could do it. I can, so I need to run not only for myself, but for those who can't." - Angela Armichardy Bekkala of Happy Fit Mama

I Only Compete Against Myself

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"The thing I appreciate most about running is that it's a race for and against myself and nobody else. For so long, just a quarter mile seemed impossible. When I finally ran that distance, I stopped and cried. No 10K, half-marathon, or triathlon since has been as emotional as that first accomplishment (but I do always cry at the finish lines!)" - Katy Widrick

It Just Feels Good

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"No matter how I feel before I run, I always feel better after. If I'm tired, I feel energized. If I'm in a bad mood, I feel harmonious. If I feel sick or have a headache, I feel healthy and strong. And if I already feel pretty good before my run, I feel amazing when I'm done." - Debbie Woodruff of Live from LaQuinta

It Uncovers Your Potential

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"Running takes me out of my comfort zone! My brother used to joke that I only ran towards ice cream and away from bears. I was always the slow, goofy, out-of-shape one. So when I announced I was running a marathon, people thought I was crazy… but I tried, and I succeeded. How will you know if you don't give it a chance? If you try and fail, then at least you know. If you never try, then you'll never know what you're capable of." - Abby Land of Back at Square Zero

It's Free and Convenient

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"The roads are always open! Okay so Nike said it first, but I couldn't agree more." - Sarah Kay Hoffman

It's the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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"The thing I appreciate most about running is what it gives back. Not only does it promote physical health, it gives me confidence, relieves stress, it's uplifting, and it comes with a large community of amazing, supportive, and inspiring people." - The Pavement Runner

It's Art In Motion

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"I love watching someone run who does it so effortlessly. It's clear that they found their stride and it's a beautiful thing!" - Rebecca Gierok

It Loves You No Matter What

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"It doesn't care if I am fat or skinny. It just cares that I am doing it." - Jeannie Squires

It's Cheap Therapy

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"Running is always there for me no matter what life throws my way. I run when I'm happy and content, but I also run when I'm feeling sad or angry. It's the cheapest form of therapy there is, and I know that no matter how long I go without it, running will still be there welcoming me back with open arms!" - Jana Thompson Antil of Happy Wife Healthy Life

It Makes You Better at Your Job

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"Running helps me be fit enough to survive four hours of singing and bouncing about onstage, as the frontman of my band." - Peter Romney

It Teaches Patience

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"I've had lots of injuries and thought I'd never run consistently. I had to learn patience and humility to avoid breaking myself. Now it's a gift. It's something I'm just so grateful to be capable of. I'm far from the fastest but it's all with it for those times when I feel like I'm flying!" - Gráinne Murphy

It Makes Hard Decisions Easier

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"I figure out most of my toughest problems or decisions while on a run!" - Erin Chamberlin of Running Tall

It Gets You Out in Nature

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"Running gives me the chance to enjoy the beauty of the world around me that I so often miss in my day to day life." - Suzi Fevens of Confessions of a Fitness Instructor

It's so Simple

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"Running is simple. One foot in front of the other. Doesn't have to be fast. It's a mind, heart, and foot connection that make us move forward with thanksgiving." - Lindsay Cotter of Cotter Crunch

It's An Adventure

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"What I love about running is that with every step, there awaits another adventure and surprise." - Alexandria Williams of Sporty Afros

The Runner's High

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"The thing I appreciate most about running is the 'runner's high'—the pure happiness, contentment, and peace that stays with me for hours on end." - Christine McCarthy of Oatmeal in my Bowl

It's an Escape

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"Running gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, soak in the sun, and most of all, simply be outdoors—so necessary for those of us living in a concrete jungle." – Locke Hughes

It's All the Little Things

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"Running helps bring me back to reality and notice the simple pleasures in everyday life. When I'm running with my dog and she stops to grab a stick and jump around, I know I am witnessing pure joy and am instantly reminded that the little things in life mean the most." - Julie Fagan of Peanut Butter Fingers

It's Often for a Good Cause

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"Running is at its best when I'm running for a cause. I think it's amazing how people team up and run for a reason, whether it's to raise money or raise awareness or just raise the spirits of people everywhere." - Megan Linge


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