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7 More Fun (and More Effective!) Ways to Cycle

For Ex-College Athletes

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Even if you’re not that competitive, SWERVE will bring out your desire to leave everyone else in your dust. Riders are divided into three teams that compete against each other for the highest “Swerve score,” which is based on points earned through team drills like tabata intervals. (Check out The 4-Minute Fat-Burning Miracle Tabata Workout.) You’ll think twice about slowing down or turning the resistance knob the wrong way when you have 15+ teammates counting on you!

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For Music Junkies

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The Monster Cycle hosts classes in a pitch-black room with a giant screen playing music videos throughout the ride. (Check out The 10 Most Popular Workout Songs of 2014.) The screen—and amazing music—sucks you into a 45-minute trippy trance that somehow gets you to pedal harder and faster. 

Photo: The Monster Cycle

For Gamers

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The Pursuit by Equinox is like being part of an IRL video game. You’ll be paired up with a rider near you in the room, and you and your new BFF compete with other teams during games and drills. For example, you’ll take turns resting and riding hard to get a bar on the screen in the front of the room to rise to the top first. But that’s not the only component of this class: There are some individual drills and others that involve two big teams (the room is divided in half). It’s safe to say you won’t be bored during any of these 45 minutes!

Photo: Equinox

For Social Butterflies

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If you want to meet new fit friends, or maybe fit more-than-friends, try CYC, a cycling program at David Barton Gym with its own social media platform. (Read: Is PumpUp The Instagram for Fitness?) You can create your own CYC profile and browse others (that hot guy that rode next to you last week? You can also see when he’s riding next, just sayin'.).

Photo: CYC Fitness

For Gym Haters

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If all of these classes sound awesome but there’s no studio near you, here’s your solution: Peloton lets you participate in live cycling classes right in your living room! The catch: you must purchase their bike, which retails for $1,995. But hey, those $30 a pop classes add up—consider it an investment that will ultimately pay you back both financially and physically.

Photo: Peloton

For Water Sport Enthusiastes

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Aqua Studio, like the name implies, has you ride a bike in water. Yes, water. Ridersmany bikini-clad—mount bikes sans wheels (just pedals—the water provides enough resistance on its own) and partake in a super low-impact, zen-feeling workout. But don't worry, we can promise that you'll definitely still break a sweat. (Find The Best Bikini Bottoms for Your Body Type.)

Photo: Aqua Studio

For Energetic Yogis

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If you just can’t decide between a heart-revving, calorie-torching cycling class or a more demure yoga class, try a class at The Cycling Yogi. After 30-minutes of “yoga-infused” cycling, you’ll finish things off with a 30-minute Vinyasa flow.

Photo: Cycling Yogi Yoga and Cycling for Exercise and to Relax

For Karaoke Lovers

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Would you rather make the music than just listen to it? Crunch's CYCLE KARAOKE ride give yours vocal cords as much of workout as the rest of your bod! While one instructor runs the class, another walks around with a mic so riders can actually sing while they ride. Crunch also offers nine other new cycling classes as part of their Ride series. Check out for classes in your area.

Photo: Crunch


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