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8 New Fitness Bands We Love

Garmin Vivosmart

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In addition to helping you track your sleep and fitness, this slim, low-profile band lets you play, pause, and skip tracks from your exercise playlist through it’s tap display. The band will vibrate and display incoming texts, emails, calls, and app notifications if you’d like, and also has a “find my phone feature” which will tell your phone to vibrate and ring the next time you lose it in the couch. ($170,

Basis Peak

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This band monitors your heart rate 24/7 (even during exercise) without a sweaty chest strap. It automatically tracks your sleep and activities—it can even track your bike rides. The “healthy habits system” will give you feedback based on your data, helping you change your behaviors over time. ($200,

Microsoft Band

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Along with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and measuring steps, calories, and distance, this band allows you to load guided gym workouts (including your favorites from SHAPE!) and view them on the band's LED screen while you're at the gym. After you use the band for a while, it will analyze your data and give you actionable fitness tips. It has a built-in GPS for mapping runs, and even tells you the fat versus carbs breakdown of your calories burned. ($200, (If you're a runner, check out 5 Tips to Run Negative Splits For Positive Results.)

Timex Ironman Move x20

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While it tracks your all-day steps, distance, and calories, the workout mode lets you zero in on your exercise sessions and track the calorie expenditure and steps of each one, while the sleep mode separates out “deep sleep,” “light sleep,” and “awake time.” Through a Bluetooth connection to the Timex phone app, texts and calls are displayed on your wrist, along with the time, date, and even the weather report. ($160,

Fitbit Charge

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The first of three new trackers that Fitbit is rolling out (and the only one available right now), the Charge tracks floors climbed in addition to steps, distance, and calories, and automatically tracks your sleep. During workouts, you can track your progress in real time by looking right at the band, and you can see summaries on the app’s dashboard. It wirelessly syncs stats to your computer and to 120 different smartphones, so you can keep tabs on your progress over time. ($130, The Fitbit Charge made our 2014 Gift Guide—along with 49 other fab finds!

Jawbone UP MOVE

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While we’re waiting excitedly for the Jawbone UP 3, set to release later this year, we’re pretty psyched about the newest tracker available now—the UP MOVE, which launched this month. The tracker is super discreet, and can be clipped to your sock, belt, or bra, comes in 5 fun colors, and has a battery that lasts for 6 months. And the low price tag leaves plenty of funds for accessories, like a wrist strap (not included). ($50, For more inexpensive trackers, check out The Best Fitness Trackers for $50 and Under.

iHealth Edge

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Flick your wrist and your stats (including steps, sleep data, and calories burned) automatically display. And post-workout, check out your session report. The sleek design blends in with your workout clothes and your work wardrobe (it looks like a chic watch), or you can just wear the clip or sleep band. ($70,

Misfit Flash

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In addition to your runs, this waterproof band can even track your swimming workouts, bike rides, tennis games, yoga sessions, and more. The revamp of the Misfit Shine never requires charging (the replaceable battery lasts for 6 months), and you can wear it anywhere—on your wrist or clipped to your shoes, pants, shirt, or even keychain. ($50,


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