Prepare to be inspired by this grandmother competing in a men's only race

By Kylie Gilbert
March 16, 2016

Need some motivation to get off the couch and go on that run? You could scroll Instagram until you inevitably feel shamed enough to lace up your sneakers, or you could watching this inspiring video of an 85-year-old woman kicking butt and making history in a men's only race. (Pssst...Have you tried these Hill Sprints That Sculpt All Over?)

That's right-last year, Betty Leander, an 85-year-old grandmother, became the first woman to compete in a historic men's 75-and-older 100-meter dash. The race is a fan favorite at the 2015 Penn Relays-the oldest and largest track and field meet in the country that attracts more than 100,000 spectators every April for their pro, collegiate, and high school races.

Thankfully for us, one woman decided to capture this popular event in a short film entitled "Going the Distance." The video features plenty of inspiring men too (you'll fall in love with 98-year-old Champ Goldy), but Leanders pretty much steals the spotlight after explaining that while the event is listed as a men's race, she decided to become the first-ever woman to give it a go based on the encouragement of her twelve grandchildren. (Want more inspo? Check out 15 Epically Empowering Celebrity Fitness and Health Moments.)

"I always loved sports, but in my day, there were no opportunities like that for women," Leander explains. (You can watch the full 10-minute video below.)

Leander took the task seriously, training with one of her granddaughter's leading up to the race. She said she planned to do her best and not embarrass her family in the race, but she did just the opposite, finishing in an inspiring 31.27 seconds (and rocked an awesome pink top). Leander's newfound fame at the end-complete with autographs and selfies-is the most heartwarming thing we've seen all week. And yes, we'll definitely be going on a run later.

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