If you couldn't get enough of the mystery, suspense, and legal drama, you'll love these other podcasts


Chances are, you've heard about (and are probably addicted to) Serial, the show investigating the 1995 murder of a high-school girl. It's the most listened to podcast ever and has been blowing up the internet thanks to all the people speculating over who did it-or, more importantly, who didn't do it. (Hae Min Lee's ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed has spent 15 years in prison for the crime although he insists he's innocent. Not that we have a theory about that. Yes, we do. Don't get us started.) Unfortunately, the show ended last week. Producers have promised a second season, but clearly we can't wait that long-not just because the case was so addictive, but because each episode was the perfect companion to our long runs. In the interim, here are 10 other gripping podcasts to get you through those longer cardio workouts.



If you liked Serial for the crimes, try Criminal.True-crime addicts will love this podcast about "stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle." Host Phoebe Judge uses her reporting background to take you through all the dramatic twists and turns of what happens when people collide with the legal system.

This American Life


If you liked Serial for its story-telling, try This American Life. Sometimes you just have to go back to the original: Serial is a spin-off from the grande dame of internet podcasts, This American Life. Each episode tells several short stories about real people, all centered around a theme, covering nearly every topic imaginable. And since they've been on air for nearly 20 years, with all back episodes archived on their site, you'll never be bored again.

Welcome to Night Vale


If you liked Serial for its suspense, try Welcome to Night Vale. Looking for cliffhangers, hidden clues, and lots of goosebumps? Tune in twice a month for the news from Night Vale, a mysterious desert town. At first, the weather updates and farm reports don't seem odd, but you'll quickly discover that something very, very strange is happening. This one will definitely have you looking over your shoulder as you run. Bonus: They've got over 60 half-hour archived episodes, perfect for an easy 3-miler or binge-listening through a longer run.

The Truth


If you liked Serial for its drama, try The Truth.The legal shenanigans were what made Serial interesting, but it was the drama that made it good. Describing itself as "movies for your ears," The Truth focuses on short pieces of dramatic fiction enhanced with special sound effects to make you feel like you're a part of the story. It's the lovechild of old-school radio drama and cutting-edge tech.

Judge John Hodgman


If you liked Serial for the look into our legal system, try Judge John Hodgman.Perfect for law nerds and People's Court fans alike, this podcast gives you an entertaining look into our legal system as Judge John Hodgman-a real-life, certified judge-answers listeners' weirdest, funniest, and saddest legal questions.



If you liked Serial for its educational value, try Radiolab.This NPR staple weaves science and stories together in such a fascinating way that you won't even realize how much you're learning. Encouraging curiosity is their main goal, but in the meantime you'll get lots of fun facts for your next dinner party. For instance: Did you know that the "big button" used to launch a nuclear attack isn't actually a button?

The Nerdist


If you liked Serial for its humor, try The Nerdist. Sure, Serial wasn't meant to be funny, but its unintentional hilarity was the arguably the best part. (Anyone up for the sale on shrimp at the crabshack?) Host Chris Hardwick takes everyday subjects that wouldn't normally be funny and turns them into a hilarious show.

Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley


If you liked Serial for its pop psychology, try Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley. This isn't so much a lesson in how the brain works, but rather a light-hearted look into how the human mind works in all its weird glory. Oakley covers celebrities, news, and pop culture along with original stories.

Slate's Serial Spoiler Specials


If you just love Serial, try The Slate Serial Spoiler Podcast. If you're just jonesing for Serial and nothing else will do (we don't blame you!), Slate has a podcast about the podcast. Go there to hear extra information not shared on the show and listen to legal experts analyze the case. The A.V. club also has The Serial Serial, another podcast about Serial, to take care of all your conspiracy theory needs.