Skip the treadmill and break out your winter running gear! We've got reasons to get pumped for outdoor workouts, even in the cold.

By Marnie Soman Schwartz
November 15, 2015

Once the holidays hit, it's easy to slack off on your outdoor running routine. It gets dark out early. It's cold. It might even be snowing. But you're not destined for the treadmill! With the right gear and the right attitude, winter runs can actually be pretty fun, even-dare we say it-better than running in 80-degree weather.

So before you retire your sneakers for the season, check out all the reasons we can't wait to log miles outdoors this winter (preferably on freshly fallen snow!), as well as our comprehensive Guide to Cold-Weather Running.

Since nobody else is out on your usual path, you can sing as loud as you damn well please.


You get to wear all your favorite running the same time.


When you hit an icy patch, you get to pretend you're this girl. (Who are we kidding? No one is as graceful as this girl.)


Thirsty? Just catch a snowflake! (You know you've done it...)


You get to stop for snow angels.


That moment you decide that you'll "recover" with a steaming mug of hot cocoa.


The bragging rights you earn when it's 20 degrees out and you casually mention you made it out for a five-miler before work.


What winter doldrums? You've got tons of energy thanks to the brisk air and all those endorphins.


All that exercise means extra pie during the holidays, right?


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