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Muscle is sexy. Muscle without fat on top of it is even sexier (especially when you're in your bikini). Add these cardio workouts from Bob Harper into your bikini body workouts to get the lean, toned body that makes you feel great in your favorite two-piece (and everything else). For best results, do one of the fat-blasting cardio workouts below four or five times a week. For most of these, you'll use the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) as your guide. An RPE of 1 is the equivalent of lying on the couch; a 10 is sprinting for the bus.

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Cardio Workout #1: Circuits

The Bikini Body Countdown (BBC) strength plan is already set up as a circuit, because you're not resting between moves (obviously, if you need to take a breather, go for it). But you can also alternate between doing strength moves and cardio (e.g., jumping rope or doing step-ups on a bench). Just add 30 seconds to a minute of cardio between each set of Bikini Body strength exercises and only rest at the end of each circuit.

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Cardio Workout #2: Intervals

Twice a week, do this interval workout with any form of cardio. If you're doing it inside on a machine, use the speed, resistance and/or incline buttons to increase the intensity. For more short workouts that really pay off, check out these interval training plans.

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Cardio Workout #3: Hills

Once or twice a week, crank up the incline/resistance and power up and down a few 4- to 6-minute hills (this cardio plan works with any form of cardio). Or blast 500 calories fast with this indoor cycling plan packed with hills.

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Cardio Workout #4: Distance

Once a week, carve out 45 minutes to an hour for a moderate intensity (an RPE of 5-6) cardio workout. You can hike, walk, run, bike-whatever you enjoy. Workouts like these typically burn hundreds of calories (if you're maintaining at least a moderate intensity) and longer workouts can even keep your metabolism revved for a few hours after you finish. If running is your top pick, be prepared with these 7 best ways to stay hydrated on long-distance runs.

Bob Harper's Bikini Body Cardio Workout #5: Living Room Fat-Burner

Stuck at home without a cardio machine? While you may look around and think there's nothing you can do without equipment, you'd be mistaken! Try this quickie power circuit that requires only your body weight. Do it several times and you've turned your house into a gym! Bonus: These 10-minute, total-body home workout routines blast fat and boredom.

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