Can't Afford a Fancy Home Treadmill? Maximize Your Walking Workout for Free


There are many fabulous home treadmills with unique features on the market. From the Star Trac P-TR, which has built-in fans to ensure that you stay cool to the WOODWAY CURVE treadmill with a non-motorized belt that is powered completely by the runner, there are many options that bring fabulous results and let you work out in the comfort of your living room. That said they don't come without a hefty price tag.

If you don't want to shell out $5,000 or more on a home treadmill, you can still maximize your workout without one. "I'm a big fan of outdoor walking or running, since exercising on real road terrain is still the best way to burn calories and build coordination and balance," says fitness and wellness expert Jessica Smith. She recommends using walking poles, or trying an interval workout for better results as well as creating a great soundtrack to set the pace for your walk. "I use music with 130-135 bmp to help keep a steady power walking pace," she says.

Try Smith's 45-minute interval walking program to burn even more calories next time you step outside for a walk.

Fat Burning Power Walk: 45 Minutes

This walk uses an intensity scale to gauge how hard you should be working. A 6 effort is working just above your comfort zone, a 7 should feel like work and an 8 should have you huffing and puffing.

Warm Up:

Easy Pace (effort 4-5) – 3 minutes

Interval Trio (repeat 4x):

Quick Feet Speed (effort: 7) – 3 minutes

Fast Tempo (effort: 8) – 2 minutes

Brisk Speed (effort: 6-7) – 5 minutes


Recovery Pace (comfortable pace): 2 minutes

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