Take your workout off autopilot to torch 300 calories in just 25 minutes


If your cardio routine is all elliptical, all the time, throw your body a curveball with the Cybex Arc Trainer. "Moving your legs in a crescent-shaped pattern puts less pressure on your knees and works your hamstrings and glutes harder than an oval motion does," says Angela Corcoran, director of education at the Cybex Research Institute. "That extra challenge increases your oxygen consumption and calorie burn."

During this plan, designed by Corcoran, you'll move at a steady pace (aim for 100 to 120 steps per minute), changing the incline and resistance throughout. Switching the grade balances the workload between your butt and thighs, while adjusting the tension offers the fat-burning benefits of interval training-minus the sprints. What are you waiting for? Rush to this machine before other gym-goers realize how amazing it is.

Click on the chart below to print this plan-and don't forget to download a corresponding cardio playlist, with motivating songs that match the beat of these cardio intervals.

Arc Trainer Plan