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Cardio Fast Lane: 30-Minute Power Walking Plan


Just because you do it every day doesn't mean walking has to be routine. This program from Shirley Archer, author of The Walking Deck: 50 Ways to Walk Yourself Healthy, spices it up with marches, butt kicks, and speed intervals—a combo that blasts boredom and transforms a ho-hum activity into an intense workout. “You’re toning your entire lower body,” Archer says. “And because walking briskly burns more calories than jogging, you’re torching fat too.”
To help power yourself, pump your arms, driving your elbow straight back as you push your opposite hand forward. Bonus: this motion works your upper body by strengthening your triceps and upper back. Want to increase the intensity even more? Head for the hills—adding an incline takes this routine to a whole new level.

Get started with this 30-minute powerwalking plan. Click to print the chart and carry it with you for your next neighborhood stroll. Striding solo? Download a motivating mix to accompany this workout!

Powerwalking Plan


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